Note: These docs cover v1 of Browserless, which is used on our shared cloud. For our v2 docs, pleaseclick here

/config API

The config API allows you to retrieve the current configuration of your container and is only available for dedicated and self-hosted accounts.

Check out the config API schema defined in our Swagger page.

Gathering your container configuration

To see the configuration of your container, simply issue a GET request to /config:

curl -X GET \

Remember that running this in the browser will expose your API key!

Running this cURL request will result in an output like:

  "allowFileProtocol": true,
  "chromeRefreshTime": 0,
  "connectionTimeout": 0,
  "disabledFeatures": ["string"],
  "enableAPIGet": true,
  "enableCors": true,
  "errorAlertURL": "string",
  "exitOnHealthFailure": true,
  "functionBuiltIns": ["string"],
  "functionEnableIncognitoMode": true,
  "functionExternals": ["string"],
  "healthFailureURL": "string",
  "sessionCheckFailURL": "string",
  "keepAlive": true,
  "maxCPU": 0,
  "maxConcurrentSessions": 0,
  "maxMemory": 0,
  "maxQueueLength": 0,
  "metricsJSONPath": "string",
  "port": 0,
  "prebootChrome": true,
  "queuedAlertURL": "string",
  "rejectAlertURL": "string",
  "singleRun": true,
  "timeoutAlertURL": "string",
  "token": "string",
  "workspaceDir": "string",
  "socketBehavior": "string"

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