Versions on the usage based service

NOTE: This information applies for users that use API keys on the Usage Based plan.

Our workers that service the usage based API keys are updated every so often, here are the versions that the hosted version currently has for certain libraries and CLI flags supported.

Current versions used in usage based workers

  1. puppeteer version: 13.1.3
  2. chromedriver: 98.0.0
  3. playwright-core: 1.18.0

CLI flags supported


Playwright's versioning

It is important to note that Playwright's connect method is tightly version-coupled. Your client version must identically match the library version used in our usage based workers shown above.

Playwright's connectOverCDP doesn't need to match the same playwright version on our usage based workers. This method is backwards/forwards compatible since it communicates directly through CDP, with the caveat to be slightly slower due to having more communication over the devtools protocol.

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