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We have been writing, using and deploying headless browserless workloads for nearly 10 years.

We're committed to making headless browser workloads as painless as possible! I knew a solution like Browserless could dramatically simplify the work and maintenance, but none existed, so I started Browserless.

Joel Griffith and Browserless
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inside of these browsers. As little as 5-10% of our time was spent on new features and delivering business value. Over time I found out we weren't alone in this.

It was this reason that prompted me to start browserless.io.

I had seen enough issues, wrangled with ongoing maintenance, and lost enough feature time that I decided that someone needed to fix these inherent issues with headless browser workflows.

Browserless is here so you don’t have to pay a team of engineers to build, deploy, and maintain these systems.

Several years ago, I was an engineer working on PDF print functionality for my employer. This capability allowed our users’ dashboards to be "PDF-ified," and then sent out to their teams and customers.

This was a very important feature! Fortunately, we were able to do this ourselves rather quickly, using headless chrome inside of our application. The solution itself was easy to get started, but supporting it wasn’t so great: I’d estimate that my colleagues and I spent roughly half our time helping our users troubleshooting how to get headless chrome up and running.

If we weren’t doing that, then there’s a good chance we were likely patching issues and addressing vulnerabilities

Since launching Browserless in 2017
we have grown considerably

We hope that Browserless will get you to market much faster… and stay there!

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