Use our APIs to rapidly deploy new features

For automations such as generating PDFs, capturing videos or retrieving HTML.

No Playwright or Puppeteer Required

/content to capture HTML

Our headless browsers will load the page including any dynamic content that requires JavaScript to load. It then downloads it as an HTML, suitable for use with tools such as Scrapy.

See the docs

/pdf for tidy exports

The /pdf API can render dynamically generated content, ideal for dashboard and report exports. Use over 20 options such as printBackground to customize the output.

See the docs

/scrape for structured JSON

Our browsers will load the page, including any JavaScript, and return a JSON with the specified selectors. You can fine-tune the API with waitFor and gotoOptions args to make sure elements are present before returning data.

See the docs

/performance for Lighthouse tests

Run parallel tests powered by the Google Lighthouse project and its CLI option with our concurrent JavaScript-enabled browsers. Use the config to specify the metrics you want to collect and run large batches with our concurrencies.

See the docs

/screencast for generating videos

Create webm video files of your automations. The recordings have full frame rate and audio, without the limitations of Puppeteer or Playwright’s inbuilt recorders.

See the docs

/download for retrieving files

Browserless sets up a blank page, a fresh download directory, injects your code and then executes it, to then return any download files with the appropriate content-type header.

See the docs

Plus APIs for site unblocking and easy scripting

/unblock API

Use the /unblock API to hide subtle signs that a browser is being programmatically instantiated, to avoid being blocked by bot detectors.

See the docs

/function API

Run Puppeteer Scripts using any language that supports making HTTP requests using the /function API, without needing to install the library.

See the docs

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