Dodge Detectors and Solve Captchas

Access any site with our range of stealth options

A set of features to get past captchas, Cloudflare and other bot detectors

Hide from the bot detectors

Get past the detectors that scan traffic for signs of automation
Bypass passive detectors

Stealthy headful browsers

Headful browsers are what real visitors use, plus it sets a more genuine user agent. Your fingerprint will be more genuine by adding the stealth argument when connecting to our browsers.

Inbuilt residential proxies

Disguise your traffic source with geolocated residential IP addresses. Our proxies are ethically sourced with hosts paid for their bandwidth, unlike many providers that trick users into joining their network.

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/unblock API for the strictest detectors

Use our /unblock API to hide even the subtle signals that a browser is programmatically instantiated. It intercepts signals at the CDP level to remove any giveaways that the browser is being controlled by a script.

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Solve enforced captchas

Two options for getting past compulsory captchas

Robot hand

Auto-captcha solving

Add a few lines of code to your scripts to solve captchas. This triggers our own custom Chrome extension to collect the token and solve it with a secondary service.

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Human hand

Stream captchas to the user

If the captcha is part of an on-demand automation, then you can stream it to your users for them to solve. Our Hybrid Automations let your users interact with the remote browser through a streamed tab or iframe and then resume your script.

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