Enterprise Features

Browser pools for even the most demanding applications

Enterprise options, from custom deployments and premium features, to SSO and video support

Custom setup, access and infrastructure

Get a setup tailored to your exact requirements
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Self-hosted or private server

We can set up a dedicated fleet for your browser deployment with tailored specifications, or you can license the container to self-host.

Custom datacenter locations & providers

Choose from an extensive range of locations around the world including the EU for GDPR requirements, along with a choice of AWS or Digital Ocean.

Detailed setup options

Change specific settings including browser binaries, library versions, concurrency limits, custom domains, load balancer behavior and queueing.

Custom machine setup

Specify machine details such as GPUs, non-Linux operating systems and multi-cloud providers. We'll work with you to find the ideal combination for your use case.

Extendable codebase

Use our SDK to build your own custom features if self-hosting the container, to extend our open-source codebase.

SSO and user roles

All enterprise accounts come with SSO and user roles, along with SLAs.

Video support and setup assistance

Your dedicated technical account manager will be available to help with any aspect of the setup, through email, the chat widget and video calls.

Premium enterprise features

Take advantage of our most powerful features, only suitable for isolated deployments

Hybrid Automations

Stream pages such as login screens to your users. They can then safely enter their details or perform any action in the iframe before your script takes over.

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Cookies and Reconnects

Run multiple scripts in the same browser session with our reconnect API, or save the cookies to skip the repeat login or other inefficient steps.

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