Cache, Cookies and Reconnects

Optimize your automations with our session management tools

Stop using a blank browser for every script, to avoid repeat actions and CSS downloads.

Cache, cookies and reconnects

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Keep browsers alive for reuse

Instead of launching a fresh browser with each script, use the /reconnect API to keep a browser alive for later use.

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Reuse cookies between sessions

Save cookies to skip annoying steps such as repeat logins or bot scanning, ideal for revisiting a site hours or days apart.

Reduce proxy use by >90%

Using a cache can reduce bandwidth usage by over 90%, ideal for activities with a high proxy consumption, such as repeatedly scraping a site.

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Two options for getting past compulsory captchas

Hybrid Automations

Stream a page such as a login to your user one time, so they can interact with it and then store the cookie, cache or localstorage for another automation.

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Captcha Solving

After automatically solving a captcha you can store the cookie or keep the browser alive to skip repeat checks.

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