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Flexible pricing and deployment options make using Browserless inexpensive and easy. Try it free!

Process thousands of pages in our cloud
Start 7 Day Trial
180k units per month
25 max concurrent browsers
10GB of residential proxy at 6 units/MB
$0.0017 per unit overages
$5 per extra concurrency
Multi browser support
Captcha bypassing
Email support
Dedicated private cloud or licensed self-hosted deployments
Contact Sales
Pricing based on millions of units consumed
Hosted on a private server or in your infrastructure
100s or 1,000s of concurrent browsers
Custom proxy limits with geotargeting
Datacenter location options, incl. EU
Persistent cache and cookies
Keep browsers warm for reconnecting
Manage downloaded files
GPU enabled infrastructure
Automatic captcha solving
Stream pages with Hybrid Automations
Extendable codebase for building your own custom features
Commercial license if self-hosting our container
Video support and setup assistance
Dedicated Technical Account Manager

What are "units"?

A Unit is a block of browser time of up to 30s. This typically means a unit is used per page, but longer running automations may use more than one. Units are also how we charge for our proxies, at a rate of 6 units per MB of traffic.

Still have questions?

I still have questions, can I talk to someone?

Absolutely! If you still have open questions, feel free to reach out to and we will be happy to answer any questions for you.

How do unit-based plans work?

Unit-based plans allow users to subscribe to a plan that covers the number of Units they intend to use in a month. Unit-based plans run on a shared fleet in San Francisco, California and London, England. You can see more about the shared fleet here.

What constitutes a Unit?

A Unit is any time a browser is started with our API/library and is used for up to 30 seconds. A new Unit is charged every 30 seconds of a running Session. All Sessions are cut off after 15-minutes to avoid charges for errors.

What happens if I go over my unit-based plan?

If you happen to go over your subscription amount, then overage fees are charged per Unit at the specified overage rate for any paid plans. Free plans will actively reject incoming requests after the threshold is met. Any overage fees are billed whenever overages reach the dollar amount of the subscription the customer is on, when changing plans, or at the end of the month if the billing threshold is not reached.

For billing clarity, your invoice will have separate line items for the subscription and any overages. We will send you an email notice anytime you start accumulating overage charges, which happens at most once an hour.

How does the trial work?

When you sign-up for an account a valid payment method is required. If you decide to cancel within the 7 days, this payment method will be removed and you won't be charged. After 7 days, the trial will expire and you will be automatically charged for the ongoing subscription. You can cancel self-service plans at any time from the Account section in the account portal.

Can I change plans whenever I'd like to?

Yes! Once you change plans we reset your billing cycle to the time of the change and charge for the full amount of the plan you're moving to. Any overages are also charged at that time. Feel free to see what the cost is on your account page.

What are the benefits of Dedicated?

Dedicated plans run only your traffic on your machines only, adding in a layer of security via network isolation. We also have several locations available for Dedicated plans, including London, New York, Amsterdam and San Francisco, making many types of compliances easier to obtain. Finally, all of the browseless APIs are available on Dedicated.

What are the Self-Hosted options?

Self-hosting Browserless is a license to host the service in your own cloud or on-prem. The Standard and Premium versions of Browserless are both available as self-hosted options. This can be a great option for data-sensitive organizations needing to comply with local laws and other standards.

Are there annual discounts available?

If this sort of pricing is important to you, please get in touch with

Run any Puppeteer or Playwright script, no matter the complexity

Unlike other browser automation tools with limited features, Browserless takes a browser-first approach, providing a robust headless deployment without requiring additional libraries or DevOps involvement.

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Perform any action, no matter how complex

Whether you need to click buttons, fill in forms, navigate tabs or anything else, Browserless will run the script.

Wrap automation scripts in a REST API

You don’t even have to use with a whole library, just run serverless functions with our /function API.

Hybrid automations for remote interactions

Stream pages to an iframe while running scripts, for tasks such as user log ins and 2FA code submissions.

Keep browsers alive with session reconnects

Switch back and forth between browsers by using keepalive to keep a process open.

Create persistent caches and cookies

Manage your cookies between sessions to help get past the bot detectors.

Use JavaScript browser rendering

Run scripts on any site, including single page applications using our javascript enabled headless browsers.

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