Performance API

Run parallel Google Lighthouse tests in your CI pipeline

Run Lighthouse tests on our concurrent headful browsers without dealing with packages, dependencies or child processes.

Scalable performance monitoring

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A lighthouse test with multiple results

No packages required

Call our /performance API with a simple POST request. There’s no need for you to download node.js packages or anything else.

Simple parallel testing

Our API runs Lighthouse as a forked process. That way you can quickly run tests for multiple pages or simulated bandwidths without messing around with child processes.

Starting at 25 concurrencies

Run dozens of parallel tests with our packages starting at 25 concurrencies. For very high volumes, our enterprise deployments can run thousands of concurrent browsers.

Choose the metrics you need

config object for choosing metrics

Send a config object

Narrow down the received data by specifying categories in a config object. This behaves similar to how you’d use the Lighthouse Node API.

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a JSON object with performance scores

Receive scores in a JSON

You will receive a JSON object with the Lighthouse performance scores on a 0 to 1 scale for each requested test.

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