Join us at the 2024 edition of The Browser Conference


We’re excited to be hosting another edition of The Browser Conference, a free, online series of talks on June 20th. We have developers and representatives from key players such as Google and Selenium, along with investors and AI experts.

A neutral space to discuss browser automations

The aim of the conference is to be a neutral space for any contributor to share their knowledge around browser automations. Unlike other events that are dedicated to a particular product, we wanted to host a space to cover the whole range of libraries and technologies.

The talks will cover the full range of techniques and use cases for browser automation, whether it’s with Puppeteer, Selenium or AI. 

Representatives from Google, Selenium, Sauce Labs and more

The line-up includes developers from key players in the browser automation space.


Matthias will introduce us to WebDriver BiDi, the next gen protocol being developed to power the future of cross-browser testing

Sauce Labs

Nikolay is showing us various ways to use AI to accelerate development, whether it’s writing test cases or refining code analysis.


Diego will help developers choose the best library for their specific testing needs, considering the strengths and weaknesses of popular options.


Stefan will dive into tackling flakiness, the enemy of end-to-end testing. He’ll discuss patterns to avoid false positives and show live code solutions.

VC Panel

A panel of top investors will be sharing their views on how AI will be shaping the future of browser automation, given their increasing ability to interact with websites.


David will then dive into his work creating AI agents to control external sites such as Yelp and Twilio, showing detailed methods he’s used.


Denis is showing us how to overcome blockers in large-scale scraping, in particular the scalability bumps that larger operations often encounter.

Register for free

The conference is free for all attendees, including replays. Check out the website to see the full details and book your place:

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