How @IrishEnergyBot used web scraping to help create awareness around Green Energy 🌱

 @IrishEnergyBot used web scraping by Browserless

What was the goal of your automation?

We decided to scrape the Irish electrical grid's public real-time dashboard to help create awareness around how Ireland is a leading country in wind power generation.

What were the results?

Our Twitter account @IrishEnergyBot now has 2,000 followers receiving a daily report on how much wind generation there was on the Irish electric grid in the last 24 hours. Over the past ~18 months wind has met ~33% of Irish electrical demand on average. On windy days it regularly goes as high as 75%! We're #2 in the world. Only Denmark has more wind power.

@IrishEnergyBot wind generation report

Why did you choose Browserless for automation?

@IrishEnergyBot scrapes its data from a free, public dashboard provided by Ireland's electrical grid operator. Because the dashboard loads data dynamically after the initial page load, a modern browser with JavaScript is required.

Thanks to Browserless I can keep my puppeteer script in a simple, low-maintenance serverless environment. The connection is fast and reliable and since I need just a few minutes of browser time each month, usage-based pricing works out great.

Browserless is an essential component of @IrishEnergyBot that I just never have to worry about.

import * as _ from "underscore";
import puppeteer = require("puppeteer");

const TIMEOUT_MS = 10000;

// or "roi" or "ni".
const REGION = "all";

(async () => {
  const browser = await puppeteer.connect({
    browserWSEndpoint: `wss://${process.env.BROWSERLESS_TOKEN}`,

  try {
    const scrapedData = await scrape(await browser.newPage());
    console.log(JSON.stringify(scrapedData, undefined, 2));
  } finally {
    await browser.close();

async function scrape(page: puppeteer.Page) {
  // data frequently fails to load: empirically, if it hasn't loaded in the
  // first ~10s then we may as well fail.
  async function impatientGoto(url: string) {
    await page.goto(url, {
      waitUntil: "networkidle2",
      timeout: TIMEOUT_MS,
  async function impatientWaitForSelector(selector: string) {
    await page.waitForSelector(selector, {
      timeout: TIMEOUT_MS,

  // figures are contained in various divs, all with the class .stat-box. there
  // isn't a good way to find the ones we want without inspecting their text
  // content. this function extracts the number from the "stat box" under the
  // specified parent containing the specified phrase.
  async function extractStatBoxFigure(parent: string, keyPhrase: string) {
    const selector = `${parent} .stat-box`;
    await impatientWaitForSelector(selector);
    const statBoxesTextContents = await page.$$eval(selector, (elements) => {
      return => {
        return element.textContent || "";

    const matchingStatBox = _.find(
      (s) => s.toLowerCase().indexOf(keyPhrase) >= 0
    if (!matchingStatBox) {
      throw new Error(`no stat box found containing "${keyPhrase}"`);
    return extractFirstNumber(matchingStatBox);
  const demand_mw = await extractStatBoxFigure("#demand", "system demand");
  const gen_mw = await extractStatBoxFigure("#generation", "system generation");
  const wind_mw = await extractStatBoxFigure("#wind", "wind generation");

  return { gen_mw, demand_mw, wind_mw };

// extracts the first integer from a (potentially messy) blob of text, e.g.:
//   "     LATEST SYSTEM GENERATION      4,994 MW   " -> 4994
function extractFirstNumber(s: string) {
  // remove commas, e.g. 4,800 -> 4800
  const withoutCommas = s.replace(/,/g, "");

  const tokens = withoutCommas.match(/[^\s]+/g) || [];

  const firstNumber = _.find( => parseInt(t, 10)),
    (i) => !isNaN(i)
  if (!firstNumber) {
    throw new Error("no number found");
  return firstNumber;

How to get started with Browserless

There are different ways to use our product.

  • Sign up for a free account and get an API key. You have 6 hours of usage for free! After that, you can pay as you go, and only pay per second that you use!
  • If you’ve already tested our service and want a dedicated machine for your requests, you might be interested in signing up for a dedicated account, this works best if your doing screencasting or have a heavy load of requests since you won’t be sharing resources.

If you’re using one of our hosted services; be that usage-based or capacity-based, just connect to our WebSocket securely with your token to start web scraping!

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