Case Study: How My AskAI use Browserless to give their chatbots access the web


Knowledgeable AI chatbots with My AskAI

My AskAI provides AI customer support chatbots to SaaS businesses that are trained on all the company’s content and knowledge. This training ensures the chatbots can reliably answer generic support ticket questions.

Their “hybrid” model blends human and AI support, to ensure that every question gets answered in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Keeping pace with the AI-hype

My AskAI launched in February 2023, at the peak of interest in AI and ChatGPT. Their initial product allowed users to create AI chatbots with their own content and data.

The app initially focused on allowing users to upload documents, but many users wanted to train the chatbots on their online or on public website data.

The developers started building a scraping tool using Puppeteer, but it quickly became complicated due to edge cases, bot detection and running costs. Within a few weeks of launching, they found that they were spending more time debugging the scraper than they were on the core parts of their product.

“It felt like every day, we’d get a support request for some niggly issue that only impacted a small % of users” - Alex, My AskAI founder

So they started looking for a solution and found our browser hosting services.

Less time crawling, more time building

AskAI’s developers managed to get Browserless set-up and working in a few hours and soon after started to reap the benefits.

“I had set aside a day to integrate as that’s how it normally goes with these types of tools, but it only took a couple of hours!” - Alex

They liked that they didn’t have to become an expert in complex scraping practices, managing proxy servers or virtual computers. They could now re-focus their time and energy on the other, core parts of the business, and, given the speed at which AI was moving (and how often OpenAI was going down and releasing updates) and the increased competition in the space, this was vital to helping grow their business.

“It’s safe to say, that without Browserless, we wouldn’t have been able to keep pace with AI developments and would be unlikely to be in the position we are today” - Alex

As they have grown so has their usage, with Browserless scaling to match their requirements.

What next

It’s been over a year now since My AskAI started using Browserless and they are looking forward to continuing to work with us to support bigger and bigger accounts as they grow and are excited to try our new features to improve their crawl success rates.

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