Pricing updates for January 1st, 2020

Joel Griffith
Joel Griffith
October 17, 2019


Effective January 1st, 2020 we'll be updating our prices to the following. Current subscribers can lock-in their current rate for another year by reading below.

Usage-Based (second)$0.00015

Why we made this change

Two years ago we set out on a mission to build the best headless-browser service in existence. We started our hosted and on-premise service with one simple integration: puppeteer. Since that time we've added the following features:

  • Selenium support with remote Webdriver.
  • Other headless libraries (too many to list here)
  • Alerting and web-hooks.
  • Dashboards and monitoring (for hosted plans).
  • Content, PDF, Screenshot, Download, Uploads and other REST APIs.
  • Executing arbitrary scripts via the Function API.
  • Live session debugger and our hosted debugger.
  • Expanded our geographic footprint, now in three distinct areas.
  • Usage-based accounts.

Simply put: we've increased the number of features by an order-of-magnitude while at the same time not changing prices. We realize it's never a good time to raise prices, so if you want to continue the same rate please read below.

How can I keep my current rate?

We won't be maintaining our current price structure for existing users, otherwise known as "legacied."

However, we will allow you to keep your price for another year (Dedicated only) if you want buy a year's worth of service before December 15th, 2019. Please contact us if you'd like to do so. Annual pricing is listed below (please note the cost is per worker):


If you have a usage-based account, you can purchase as much time as you'd before the price change takes effect. When a pre-payment is made for time on the service, we convert your time to seconds internally, so a price change won't have any impact on time you've already bought. After January 1st, 2020 any time you buy will be converted at the new rate going forward ($0.00015/second).

If you have a custom plan, or work with a reseller, we'll be in touch with you soon on plan details.

Are there any new features for 2020?

Yes! We're working on providing numerous features for current accounts, plus a new type of product for Enterprise users. The browserless enterprise solution will be an on-premises product, and support the following:

  • A account administration page with monitoring and dashboards.
  • Support for multiple tokens and users.
  • Ability to live-reload configuration changes.
  • Intelligent load-balancing with support for all the libraries out there.
  • Comprehensive solution for dealing with site downloads and uploads.
  • Integration with Kubernetes and other platforms via web-hooks.
  • Run simultaneous browser versions, and switch between them seamlessly.

We're also working on the following features for current commercial and hosted accounts:

  • More library support and documentation.
  • A proxy add-on product so you don't have manage external solutions.
  • Dev tokens for testing changes with different Chrome versions.
  • Multiple Chromium versions at once.

Finally, we'll have these new types of worker sizes to meet the demands of heavier usage:


We'll announce these more publicly once they're available.

Is anything changing?

No, we'll continue to offer the same features as before, and will continue to offer new ones as they develop. No other changes are planned at this time, and we'll continue to offer you the same service and support.

How can I change my plan?

If you signed-up via our site, simply navigate to your account page to make any changes. If you wish to convert to an annual plan, and lock in your rate for another year, please contact us if you'd like to do so.

I'm not on a plan you have listed, what happens to me?

We'll reach out to account holders on custom plans. You can still contact us with any questions.

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